+35.19 units from 529 bets

488.6 unit outlay

7.2% Profit on Turnover

+126.32 units from 828 bets

553.7 unit outlay

22.81% Profit on Turnover

Fully transparent results from the world's best professional gamblers.

Our full-time analysts do all of the number crunching and arm you with the exact same high quality selections that they put on themselves, removing all of the hard work of tipping with a proven edge.

We Make Tipping Like a Pro Dead Simple:

01. Sign Up For A Package

The selections that you receive depend upon the package that you subscribe to. No matter which sport or racing package you choose, each of our full-time analysts is an expert in their respective industry with comprehensive results to back them up.

02. Receive Your Selections

We publish all selections here on the website in the members section. We’ll also send you an update email direct to your inbox and a push notification via our Android and iOS app (coming soon). Our average delivery time is just 1.6 seconds, allowing you to get your selections ASAP.

03. Place Your Selections

Using the recommended bookmaker, staking plan and unit size, place your bets directly with the respective bookmaker and wait for your event to settle. Check your results directly with the bookmaker or via our dynamic results tracking dashboard (coming soon) and you’re done!

No Minimum Terms. No Lock-In Contracts. Cancel at Any Time.

Our packages are competitively priced based on a month-to-month basis, which means you have complete control over absolutely everything.

You can upgrade, downgrade, suspend or cancel your subscription at any time, and, unlike our competitors, we’ll remind you before we charge you to give you the opportunity to decide whether you’d like to continue with your subscription or not.

A Real Profit Guarantee

We’re so confident in our long-term performance that if you remain a member of a package for three consecutive months and our analyst fails to deliver a profit within that period, you will be credited a further three month subscription period free of charge.

If you are a quarterly, seasonal or annual member, you will be credited for the same length of subscription free of charge.

If either of these are you, please contact us via the chat below. We'll check the figures and extend your subscription. No fuss, no hassle, no argument. It's that simple.

Variance is a normal part of the game, so periods of ups and downs are to be expected, but all of our analysts come with years of experience and results across tens of thousands of bets which gives us the confidence to stand behind their long-term results.

Fairly Recorded Results

As standard, our racing packages will record results using the Betfair Starting Price, widely recognised across the industry as not only the fairest way to record but also the hardest number to beat. Recording at BSP means that each and every member should, at minimum, match our official results, and if they look for value, even exceed them.

Across our sports packages’ main markets, all selections will be available with multiple bookmakers at the time of release. Whilst some of our side markets will be bookmaker specific, we will try to find multiple places for you to place your bets at all times.

This approach completely avoids the issue of the publishing of fraudulent results, whilst also allowing all members to benefit from realistic results.

Instant Access To Your Tips

Most members receive their updates within just 1.6 seconds of release – our completely custom built distribution platform delivers the goods as the fastest selection delivery platform the tipping world has ever seen.

So no matter the package you’ll get near-instant updates directly to your inbox allowing you to access your selections, previews and bet sheets no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

This ensures you continue to have a foot-up over the market, and, combined with limited intakes on all packages to protect member dividends, reduces the likelihood of prices being able to move before you can get your selection in with the bookmakers.

Full-Time Pro Tipsters

Our tipsters make a living from their selections, and work full-time analysing their particular sport, meaning you get only the very best of the best.

Many of our competitors only employ part-time tipsters and therefore aren’t really fully invested in their own results. Others yet will drastically over-sell their membership base to make up for the low prices meaning nobody is actually able to place the selections before the market moves against them.

But at The Pro Sports Syndicate, our analysts receive a full-time income based on the number of active subscribers they have and, apart from bringing years of experience and results to back up their expertise, rely on their members for their livelihood, meaning their success is directly tied to yours.

Enjoy Any Of Our Profitable Tipping Packages On A Month-To-Month Basis

We don’t lock you into any contracts and there are no minimum membership terms, so you can cancel at any time if you’re not absolutely blown away by our full-time analysts and the bets that we’ve been using to delight members just like you.

We’ll automatically send you a notification before your next membership period is due to recur otherwise we’ll handle the rest for you!