Global Darts

Previews and High-Value Best Bets Covering All Major Worldwide Dart Events

Covering all major Darts tournaments around the world, Global Darts focuses on finding high value Best Bets on the Futures, Match Result, Handicap and Player Prop markets.

Backed up by quality previews that provide an insight into our analyst’s decision making process, you can expect quality picks from one of the world’s very best Darts experts.

Drawing from a unique database of stats combined with years of experience and exclusive insider sources, Global Darts is a world leading tipping package in this highly profitable sport.

Deadly Duo

Global Darts covers Futures for all of the TV tournaments around the globe. On a match by match basis the focus is on Match Result, Handicap Result, Total 180s, Total Player 180s and Correct Leg Score. Our man has an exceptional combination of intimate knowledge of all players and all tournaments. While many people will have some stats on the sport, no one has as many stats allied to the inside information as our analyst.

Global Coverage

No other Darts package will cover the detail that Global Darts does. Members will receive in-depth, expert Futures previews of the Major events on the calendar including the World Championships and the World Matchplay. These are all provided before the tournament begins, complete with full recommendations. We’ll also cover every week of the Premier League of Darts – which is catered perfectly for an Australian audience on Friday mornings – plus a plethora of other tournaments, which many Darts bettors wouldn’t even know are on.

Best Bets & Previews

Our analyst will be scouring the markets for bookmaker mistakes each and every day and every weekend that there is a TV tournament on you’ll receive Best Bets direct to your inbox. On days where multiple rounds are played you’ll often receive tips throughout the day as value is identified. With Darts growing each year there’s always more on offer and as a member you can be satisfied that we’ll be covering everything that matters at one simple all-inclusive price.

The Best Bets Each & Every Week

With extensive game-day previews for every covered match you’ll be able to use our expert analysis to get a glimpse into our analyst’s thoughts.

Backed up by high-value Futures and Best Bets covering the biggest events in Darts; each and every tournament that matters will be covered by Global Darts and provided to our members at one simple all-inclusive price.

How do we do it?

1. Unparalleled Market Knowledge:

No one has more intimate knowledge of the game of Darts than our analyst and with over a decade of experience understanding the sport at all levels; the mind behind Global Darts has built up a professional and personal knowledge of every key player in the game. No other Darts tipster on the planet has anywhere near the proximity to the tour as our man has and this translates directly to finding high-value Best Bets for our members.

2. Data-Supported Analysis:

With more data than you can shake a stick at, Global Darts draws from a vast proprietary database of every dart ever thrown on the two main Tours; using automated ranking calculations to spit out value on their own. When combed over and combined with the intimate market knowledge from our Darts expert, this analysis forms the basis for an unstoppable system that consistently identifies and locks in value.

3. Exploiting Liquidity:

A Darts tipping package would have been unfathomable as little as five years ago but the game has changed with TV money; Darts is now a worldwide sport and with that has come a huge increase in betting liquidity. With every bookmaker on the planet covering Darts there are more and more opportunities for pre-match value to be vacuumed up by our analyst.

Truly Global Coverage

Darts is played all over the world and we’ve got you covered whether they are playing in the UK, mainland Europe, Asia or Australasia with our analyst providing detailed previews and searching for value right across the globe.

With Global Darts covering the World Championships, World Matchplay, Premier League of Darts and all other Major TV tournaments, it really is the most complete Darts package on the market; and it’s exclusive to The Pro Sports Syndicate.

Around 8-10 Selections a Week

With just a handful of high-value positions to follow each week, it’s an ideal balance between action and commitment. Each bet comes with a complete staking guide accompanied by an expert preview explaining why our analysts made that selection.

We expect members to spend no more than a few minutes putting their selections on each release before getting back to it.

High-Value Markets

Focusing on exploiting match-by-match errors from the bookies and our analyst’s ability to price up Futures positions, Global Darts takes advantage of the explosion in Darts coverage that has catapulted liquidity through the roof.

With this extra liquidity in both the main and alternative markets, every major tournament will be priced up for Futures and any value-based mainstream bets. By taking advantage of unskilled pricing (which is typically based on name rather than player form), our members can enjoy value positions on up and coming superstars that the bookies simply fail to pin.

Easy To Follow Releases

Whilst individual releases will vary by tournament; most of the Darts events throughout the year take place between Thursday & Monday morning; meaning that members will typically receive their bets in the evenings.

Even as releases vary throughout the year, our superstar analyst will ensure there’s plenty of time to get on board and place your bets prior to the start of the event.

Instant Access To Your Tips

Most members receive their updates within just 1.6 seconds of release – our completely custom built distribution platform delivers the goods as the fastest selection delivery platform the tipping world has ever seen.

So no matter the sport you’ll get near-instant updates directly to your inbox allowing you to access your selections, previews and bet sheets no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Finally – A Real Profit Guarantee

We’re so confident in our long-term performance that if you remain a member of a package for three consecutive months and our analyst fails to deliver a profit within that period, you will be credited a further three month subscription period free of charge.

If you are a quarterly, seasonal or annual member, you will be credited for the same length of subscription free of charge.

If either of these are you, please contact us via the chat below. We'll check the figures and extend your subscription. No fuss, no hassle, no argument. It's that simple.

Variance is a normal part of the game, so periods of ups and downs are to be expected, but all of our analysts come with years of experience and results across tens of thousands of bets which gives us the confidence to stand behind their long-term results.

So What Are You Waiting For?

  • No Lock-in Contract. Cancel Anytime
  • Year-Round Previews and Bets
  • All Majors including World Championship
  • Exact Staking Plan + Recommended Bookmaker
  • Profitable Main & Side Markets
  • Projected 20% POT
  • Email and Member Section Updates