Steve Rawlings' Golf Tips

Year-round global coverage from one of the world’s best Golf analysts.

Steve has been a specialist golf punter for 15 years - he currently bets and trades the sport full-time while producing the wildly successful “The Punter” package for Betfair and boasts extensive knowledge of the game.

Subscribers are sent around 3-4 high value bets and full write ups every Wednesday morning at 10am.

TPSS golf members are given direct access to year-round previews and value selections in an extremely limited intake package.

Steve has had remarkable success betting on both the European and US Tours.

We all know just how hard it can be to back the winner of a tournament. That's why Steve focuses on the high value side markets, including First Round Leader, Top 5/10/20, Top Country/Continent, Make or Miss the Cut, and if the price is right – even Individual Round H2H and Tournament H2H.

Extensive Previews

Members will receive exclusive and extensive previews of each tournament, including full details on venue, players, important stats and full justification behind each selection. This approach allows members to see inside the mind of one of the world’s best and learn exactly how Steve constantly identifies value picks.

3-4 Selections Per Week

With just 3-4 selections in each release, it takes less than 10 minutes to place bets for the week. Steve only chooses the very best selections that represent significant value in the market.

8-10% Targeted POT

By focusing on low-volatility yet high-value selections, Steve makes a full-time living from punting on golf. Focusing on a long-term goal of 8-10% POT, this package is perfect for the member who is looking for consistent growth to their bankroll rather than a higher number of bets and more variance provided elsewhere.

We find real value in the market

Because Steve is able to draw from years of full-time experience and his own proprietary information to crunch all of the numbers, he’s able to more accurately pick value selections than the majority of bookmakers are.

This allows us to calculate the true value of any selections and exploit the gaps in the market where the prices are just plain wrong to create additional value for our members.

How does Steve do it?

1. Proprietary Database + Preview

With over 15 years experience betting global tournaments on courses that regularly stay the same, Steve’s main strength lies in being able to use his own relevant stats to produce previews that look beyond the obvious for additional value that the market has missed. By using hundreds of course and style-specific variables then comparing that with the strengths of each player, Steve is able to find a likely type of winner each week then target that specific group of players.

2. Find Gaps in Bookmaker Prices

Very few corporate bookmakers actually employ intelligent modelling to calculate their prices – in fact, many simply look to balance liability or copy other sharper bookmaker’s prices. On top of that, they need to be able to price up hundreds of events each day, which means they don’t have the resources to dedicate to getting it right. Steve exploits this to find prices that present significant value for members. Golf is a particularly hard sport to price up for a bookmaker as they have to give odds on well over 100 players every week. Even with their ridiculous margins, they can't price every player correctly and Steve finds these weaknesses time and time again.

3. Identify Profitable Side Markets

Once Steve has identified areas of weakness with the price of a player / type of player, he looks into specific selection types in side markets such as First Round Leader, Top 5/10/20/Country/Continent. This allows members to get selections that are both lower variance and higher value than just the winner market where even the best analysts sometimes have to wait months between winners.

High Value Side Markets

It’s harder to identify value in the winner market than the side markets as that is where the majority of bookmaker and punter time is spent, which is why Steve focuses mainly on lower volatility side markets that provide exceptional value.

Whilst total liquidity can be limited in some situations, the high focus on value over volume combined with limited total intake helps members to get on whilst reducing the likelihood of missing a price.

3-4 Selections + Previews Every Week

Because Steve focuses on finding selections that represent the absolute best value within each tournament, you only need to put on a handful of selections per week.

We expect members to spend no more than 10 minutes putting their selections on before being able to get back to enjoying their day – making it truly a set and forget package.

European & US Tournament Coverage

Steve provides previews and selections for both European and US Tournaments year-round.

Not only will you have access to a consistently profitable strategy of long-term gains backed up by one of the world’s best golf analysts, there are also opportunities to learn from his analysis to further your own knowledge of the sport and identify value in the market.

Projected 8-10% POT

Having proven his strategy across 15 years, Steve’s unique approach to identifying value over quantity allows us to aim for a conservative POT of 8-10% that we expect him to better. With a high strike rate and low volatility, this is an excellent package for members to get involved with.

Instant Access To Your Tips

Most members receive their updates within just 1.6 seconds of release – our completely custom built distribution platform delivers the goods as the fastest selection delivery platform the tipping world has ever seen.

So no matter the sport you’ll get near-instant updates directly to your inbox allowing you to access your selections, previews and bet sheets no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Finally – A Real Profit Guarantee

We’re so confident in our long-term performance that if you remain a member of a package for three consecutive months and our analyst fails to deliver a profit within that period, you will be credited a further three month subscription period free of charge.

If you are a quarterly, seasonal or annual member, you will be credited for the same length of subscription free of charge.

If either of these are you, please contact us via the chat below. We'll check the figures and extend your subscription. No fuss, no hassle, no argument. It's that simple.

Variance is a normal part of the game, so periods of ups and downs are to be expected, but all of our analysts come with years of experience and results across tens of thousands of bets which gives us the confidence to stand behind their long-term results.

So What Are You Waiting For?

  • No Lock-in Contracts. Cancel Anytime.
  • Covering all European and US Tours
  • 3-4 Selections Per Week
  • Exact Staking Plan + Recommended Bookmaker
  • Targeting High Value Side Markets
  • Long-term Goal of 8-10% POT
  • Email and Member Section Updates